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7/06/2410:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
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What is climate? What can we do to adapt to our ever changing environment? Join Lead Trainer with Grow the Growers Program and Farmer of Zone Zero Farms, Reuben Preut in this discussion as we learn about carbon and it's role in the environment. How can we as individuals create lasting changes in our community for the benefit of the planet? About the Speaker: Reuben is a native New Mexican and was raised in Corrales on an Asparagus farm. After years of learning multiple occupations and growing as a hobby he found himself called to the land in the South Valley. Having graduated from the Grow the Growers program and working with other farmers around the state he has been owner and operator of Zone Zero Farms in the south valley for 5 years, allied with the Agri-Cultura Network. Zone Zero Farms is currently focused on Garlic production in the South Valley, primarily Murado de Atrisco, to celebrate a long tradition of garlic growing in the Valle de Atrisco.

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